Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in joining us as we push DCPS and DCPCS to give families a choice and a voice when it comes to Re-Opening DC Schools. Here’s how you can help:

Share Our Petition

Share our petition with anyone who might not yet have gotten the word, or with people who might not yet have signed. says texts get the best response rate, so consider texting your friends and neighbors about why you want to open school, and to ask them to join us.

Send an Email to Local Leadership

Send an email to Mayor Bowser, Chancellor Ferebee, the Washington Teacher’s Union, the DC Public Charter School Board, and your council member. Check out the latest here.

Post On Social

Post an Instagram, FB or Twitter message tagging Mayor Bowser, Chancellor Ferebee, the Washington Teachers' Union, the DC Public Charter School Board, and your council member. Be sure to use #OpenDCSchools and #OpenSchools in whatever you post so that we can find and amplify each other. Consider posting a picture of your child “thriving” on their Zoom call.

We included suggested messaging and key handles below, but feel free to post your own (civil) message too. Just be sure to tag us too (@OpenDC Schools) so we can amplify!

Mayor Bowser: @MayorBowser (Twitter), @mayor_bowser (Instagram), @MayorMurielBowser (Facebook), (email)

  • @MayorBowser, enough is enough. Test scores are down, depression and hunger are up. It’s past time to #OpenDCSchools. Our kids are counting on you to #openschools. 

  • @MayorBowser, listen to Dr. Fauci, and prioritize DC kids. Close the bars and #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools

  • @MayorBowser, private school kids are getting an in-person education. Don’t DCPS students deserve the same? #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools

Chancellor Ferebee: @DCPSChancellor and @LewisDFerebee (Twitter), (email)

  • @DCPSChancellor Ferebee, our kids are counting on you to work with teachers and #OpenDCSchools. It’s time to get it done. Work with the @WTU and give families a choice that works. #OpenSchools 

  • DCPS has worked too hard, for too long, to squander its progress when the science shows kids can and should be in school! @DCPSChancellor, it’s time to #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools

Washington Teacher's Union: @WTUTeacher (Twitter), (email)

  • @WTUTeacher, we love your members but not your policies! Work with @MayorBowser and @DCPSChancellor to get our kids back with the teachers they need and love. #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools

DC Public Charter School Board: @dcpcsb (Twitter), (email)

  • @dcpcsb it’s been a year - maybe it’s time to lead instead of follow? Our kids need to be in school! Enough is enough. #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools

DC Board of Education: (general email) (President), (VP), 

  • @ZACHARYSBOE5, @emilygasoi as leaders in the community, please stand up for DC families to get out kids back in person with the teachers they know and love. 

DC Council 

  • [NAME/HANDLE], DCPS kids deserve to be in school. We need your help to #OpenDCSchools #OpenSchools!


Attend the Rally

t's been 365 days since most of DC's kids have been the inside a classroom.

Join us on March 13 from 2-4pm at Mayor Bowser's office to demand:

  • A vaccine--now--for all teachers who want one

  • An in-person education, with a teacher, for all families who want it at the start of Term 4 in mid-April

  • Sensible safety guidelines that follow the CDC while still allowing a return to the classroom

  • A commitment to regular school--5 days a week, in person, with a teacher in a classroom--starting from Day 1 of the 2021-2022 school year, for every DC schoolchild who wants one

RSVP here and share this graphic on Social Media to spread the word: